Growth. Ambiguity. Change.

Regular occurrences in life and business and not always the most pleasant or straightforward things to experience. The trick is learning to reframe the situation and have fun even when things get messy, and that’s where we come in.

At Flow Circus, we use juggling and other hands-on activities to teach a mindfulness framework and design skill toys that enable people of all ages and abilities to thrive in the messiness of learning, growth and change. And by doing so, you’ll improve your well-being, relationships, and business results. 


From interactive keynotes to innovative team building and event support, we create unique in-person and virtual experiences that enhance engagement and drive team performance.

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Skill toys such as the Flop Ball provide a concrete example of the intangible messiness that life throws at us, offering a chance to practice and build know-how that transfers to real life situations.

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“From my first conversation with Dawn, I knew our group would benefit from the fun and interactive presentation style that she shared with me. She and Paul were able to take relevant topics in our business organization and incorporate those into the presentation perfectly. Our entire group had smiles on their faces the entire time and truly enjoyed the playful interaction time, as well as the inspirational message. I look forward to working with them again in the future and would highly recommend to others as a great teambuilding opportunity.”

Catherine Flake Lloyd, Wealth Division Sales and Service Analyst

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