From the Classroom to the Real World

Mindfulness isn’t just for adults. Children and teenagers start learning their responses to challenging situations at a young age, and the F.L.O.P. mindfulness framework helps them build resilience through the ups and downs of learning. Our strategies and tools are approachable for all ages and abilities, and welcomed by K-12 teachers as a key asset to help them serve a diverse group of students with different learning styles who progress at their own pace. 

SEL, SPD, ADD, and Student Well-being

Flop Balls are soft, safe, and accessible for all ages and abilities, and their applications are endless. Flop Balls are successfully used by school counselors and integrated into sensory rooms, calm down corners, and other areas where positive behavior is being reinforced.

Experiential Professional Development

In our virtual and in-person interactive session, teachers gain new strategies for promoting mindfulness, modeling a growth mindset, and building more resilient students. Flop Balls are used extensively, allowing teachers to build their own skills and comfort levels, and each teacher will leave with a Flop Ball that can immediately be used to increase classroom engagement.

Classroom Sets

Flop Ball kits have everything a teacher needs to energize, engage, or transition a classroom of students. Kits contain 36 Flop Balls, 2 decks of cards, and a USB drive with instructional resources including how to videos and animations, discussion prompts, and programming ideas. Our F.L.O.P. mindfulness framework, which helps students practice strategies to thrive in the messiness of learning, growth, and change, is a central part of the kits.

“It was a pleasure to have FLOW CIRCUS on our campus. It was an educational and engaging experience that helped our teacher candidates truly embrace social learning. The guidance and support offered by Paul and Dawn provided structured dialogue for student teachers to think critically about their craft.  

Ann Martinelli, Associate Teaching Professor, Elementary & Early Childhood Education Program Chair, Penn State Abington

“The beauty of the Flop Balls is that there are SO many different ways to interact with them. The kids found all kinds of creative ways to play with them and challenged each other to try the new tricks they'd invented.Flop Balls offered my students an opportunity to push themselves and work toward success in a very tangible and engaging way. The failures weren't seen as a big deal, like with some other failures that can happen at school - especially the public ones. The opportunity to share something cool that you are good at is so empowering. Imagine those students who may not feel success with much of the academic stuff, but have strong kinesthetic abilities. What a great way for them to shine!

I'm so grateful to have Flop Balls in my classroom and love seeing the excitement of my students as they build success. If you're looking for a way to help your students grow in their creativity, perseverance, growth mindset, collaboration, confidence, and hand-eye coordination, get yourself some Flop Balls and get them flopping!”

Erin Gannon, 2nd Grade Teacher Hilburn Academy

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