Learn how to flop, fidget, and flow.
Being a student today is hard. And their teacher or counselor - even harder! We can’t help with a lot of what you’re facing, but we can give you a powerful tool - Flop Balls.

They provide a low stakes way to practice responding to messing up, re-centering when agitated, sharing when anxious, and finding flow for improved well-being. For you and your students.

Flop Balls are accessible to a wide range of students, don’t take a lot of space, or make any noise. Ready to get flopping?
Teachers practicing the Flop Ball as part of a professional development program.
“Flop Balls offered my students an opportunity to push themselves and work toward success in a very tangible and engaging way. I love seeing the excitement of my students as they build success. If you're looking for a way to help your students grow in their creativity, perseverance, growth mindset, collaboration, confidence, and hand-eye coordination, get yourself some Flop Balls and get them flopping!”
Erin Gannon, PBL Trainer & 3rd Grade Teacher, Davis Drive Elementary
Integrate more Flop Ball play with one or more of the following:
Teachers passing Flop Balls during program.
Professional development
Focus on the well-being of your staff and helping them to embrace a more mindful approach to struggle, success, and collaboration. Our interactive session brings your team together in a playful, new way.
Increase staff comfort with Flop Ball skills, modeling dropping, and integrating active learning. Creates opportunities for students to embody SEL, STEAM, growth mindset, as well as other content.
A line of teachers passing Flop Balls
Flop Ball Pod Kit showing Flop Balls, Flop Deck, and Bag.
Flop Ball kits
Flop and go. Do an activity with Flop Balls for a class, then pack it up in an easy close mesh bag, and you're ready to move it out of the way for your next activity. The kit also comes with a USB with activities and resources to get you started with programming.  

Check out our kits and other products in our shop.
“I needed this tool even for myself as an educator. It helped to remind me it’s OK to take a break and reset my brain so that I can think more clearly and reset my brain afterwards. We tell our students this all the time, but we have to practice what we preach.”
Meg Osterhoff, STEM Specialist, York Elementary
Custom Flop Balls
Looking for a new tool to engage your groups? The Flop Ball has you covered. Accessible and engaging, opening the door to conversations about setting goals, managing stress, and practicing mindfulness while learning new things.

Customize it with your school, club, or event colors and graphic. Get a mock-up of your custom Flop Ball here.
Assortment of custom school Flop Balls.
A selection of custom school Flop Balls.
A selection of custom school Flop Balls.
The reviews are in...
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It was a great experience having Flow Circus for RA Training! We really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy Dawn and Paul brought and how they incorporated introspection and awareness. Flop balls have a lot of potential to increase student engagement on our campus.

Robbie Chulick, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residents Life, UVA Wise

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The whole session flowed so well and I could see how our students were resonating with the activities. The debrief was powerful - your small group questions helped them reflect on how their juggling experience connected to real life applications around their well-being and resilience. I wouldn't change anything.

Nance Lucas, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being,  George Mason University

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Our students very much enjoyed FLOP ball Kinetic Play and the metaphors you presented that help build a mindset for perseverance and resiliency. We are excited to use these activities in our peer leadership programming.

Tricia Biles, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Success, Washington College