Flow - the state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity

Circus - public entertainment featuring feats of skill and daring

No elephants or trapeze acts in our circus. Instead we harness the power of creative, playful flow to energize, excite, and enliven groups. We shake up the day to day just enough to provide a fresh perspective and inspiring results. But most importantly, we leave people feeling happier than when they entered the room.

Founded in 1999, the first ten years of Flow Circus focused on growing a successful juggling education company with an array of performances to promote reading and STEM education as well as hands-on programs for tweens and teens. Teaching, performing, and researching trends in positive psychology, neuroscience, and education have taught us:

In recent years, the increasing number of requests from companies for team building combined with a clear need for all of us to take occasional breaks from technology in order to play, connect, and grow has led to our current set of program offerings.

Dawn Daria

Chief Education Officer

An award winning educator and author, Dawn loves to inspire individuals to step out of their comfort zones in order to discover something new about themselves, each other, and the world. She has a natural ability to assess group dynamics and facilitate collaboration. Degrees in psychology and education have been critical to her success in teaching, program implementation, and business development. She regularly consults with organizations including Chamber of Commerce leadership programs, women business owner groups, museum education programs, and the health and wellness industry.

Paul Miller

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and nationally touring performing artist, Paul brings creativity and enthusiasm to every project he tackles. His early career experiences in the hospitality industry and street performing taught him that connecting with your audience is at the core of customer service. He went on to perform on stages including off-Broadway, Disney Cruise Lines, and TEDx Creative Coast as well as create a successful education company promoting active learning and play through the juggling arts.

Recent Testimonials

“Paul and Dawn were truly amazing and helpful. They encouraged everyone to keep trying and laugh even when we messed up. They were hands on and attentive. I don't think they could improve their event because it felt absolutely perfect.”
“Super fun! One of the best trainings I have attended because you showed rather than told. And we got to play, too!”
“Excellent job of engaging the audience. Even the most solemn and serious individuals were laughing and smiling.”
“Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication helped make this event an overwhelming success, as measured through the evaluations.”