Campus Wellness

Going to college is an exciting time, but for many students, it comes with a high level of anxiety. Students often experience insecurity as they adjust to their new lifestyle as well as a fear of failure and inclination to compare themselves to others. This transitional period is an important time to focus on wellness and ensure they have the support they need to be successful. 

Intern Training for Health Promotion

Enhance your university’s wellness culture by giving your interns tools and strategies to engage fellow students in conversations, challenges, and practices to encourage mindfulness and well-being. Our F.L.O.P. mindfulness framework provides concrete strategies that help individuals thrive in the messiness of learning, growth, and change. The Flop Ball combined with our in-person or virtual training provides a fun, accessible, and tangible experience to observe and reflect on how one approaches learning challenges. 

Engaging Tabling Events

Set up the table that everyone will come to! Flop Balls are the perfect engagement tool for program promotion and tabling events. They are accessible and engaging, opening the door to conversations about setting goals, managing stress, and practicing mindfulness while learning new things.  

Ongoing Program Promotion

Flop Balls are the perfect tool to keep your program and resources top-of-mind and back-of-hand. Picture students carrying Flop Balls around in their pockets, playing with them as a study break, and forming new connections as others ask to join the fun. Flop Balls can be customized with your choice of fabric colors and screen-printed logos for a lasting impression and sustained learning. 

Flow Circus has become an innovative wellness experience that helps us facilitate mindfulness while incorporating wellness promotion messaging. During tabling and workshops, the uniqueness of the skill toys keeps students engaged and offers a quick break from their busy schedules. Through Flow Circus, we are able to reinforce the importance of taking time for self care while decreasing stress and anxiety."

Justin Sharpe, Associate Director DuWell, Duke University Wellness

"FLOP balls have been sighted in the classrooms and conference rooms! Students who missed the session have come to claim their FLOP balls. And my first pass through the reflections revealed some deep learning took place. Thank you for delivering a great program."

Sarah Egan Warren, Technical Communication Specialist, NC State Institute for Advanced Analytics

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