Flop On

Thanks for Flopping with us!

This page has resources to support you as you continue growing, learning, reflecting, & of course, flopping along the way.

You can download our slide deck Don't Sweat the Flops: Using Mindful Play and Learning to Redefine Stress here.

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A close-up of hands passing a Flop Ball around in a circle.

Our Flop-osophy

Here is a quick review of the mindfulness framework and strategies presented in our program.

Free your mind
Increase awareness of mindset.
Lessen the pressure
Shift focus away from getting it "perfect" and instead gain clarity about the steps in the process.
Observe, don’t judge
Practice curiosity to look for facts and compassion to limit the negative stories we tell ourselves.
Play with variables
Have fun trying different approaches and then take time reflecting on the outcomes.
Video thumbnail - The Basics
Video thumbnail - Contact Tricks
Video thumbnail - Force Flips
Video thumbnail - Flow Cycles