Build community and improve student well-being through experiential programming and play.

It's been a challenging few years and the impact on campus culture and student connections has been huge. Creating space where students want to show up and get involved is more important than ever. We can help.

Students in a group passing a Flop Ball.

Our programs and workshops bring a fresh, energizing way to:

  • Build community: Students look up, reach out, and connect with each other as they flip, balance, and toss Flop Balls on the backs of their hands.
  • Develop leaders: Our Flop-osophy provides an opportunity to practice and apply strategies for developing self-literacy and leading with empathy.
  • Improve well-being: Students leave with a fun, new brain & body break. And strategies for dealing with failure and the little stresses of life.
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"Thank you so much for helping make our event as amazing as possible! I have heard great things and am so appreciative of all your work to engage with our school's community! "

James Wolfe, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Castleton University, Castleton VT

Student smiling after flipping a stack of two flop balls.

Let us customize your event with:

  • Leadership Programs: Train your student leaders to integrate Flop Balls so they can create highly engaging events and playful spaces for creating community.
  • Well-being Workshops: Students engage in playful exercises to embody important lessons about self-awareness, mindset, and creating connections. 
  • Kinetic Play Stations: Reinvigorate minds, bodies, and connections. We bring a table full of Flop Balls to engage and energize students. An excellent break during high stress times.
  • Interactive Keynote: Students shift mindsets and don't sweat the flops as they apply and practice our strategies for thriving in uncertainty.
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Custom Flop Balls

Choose your colors and add your graphic to keep your school, club, or message top-of-mind and back-of-hand. Start your order here.

2023 Custom Pricing

100-249 Flop Balls......$3.50 ea.
250-499 Flop Balls......$3.25 ea.
500-999 Flop Balls......$3.15 ea.
1000+ Flop Balls.........$3.10 ea.
+ shipping ($20/150 balls)

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