Learning in the Wild

Camps are all about having fun while learning new skills, and we are too. Our programs and products fit naturally into camp settings where there is an ongoing cycle of building trust and relationships with new groups and creating the right energy to promote playful growth and reflection. 

Camp Orientation & Staff Trainings

Start your camp season off right by bringing camp staff together with this engaging, interactive, and resource-rich program. Perfect for breaking the ice on the first day of training and mixing it up during a long day of mundane, must-do sessions. Staff trainings present the Flop Ball and the F.L.O.P mindfulness framework that help empower campers and counselors to thrive in the messiness of learning, growth, and change.

Filling the Gaps

It’s normal for camp days to have a few minutes of downtime, and a single Flop Ball can quickly engage a whole group for those in-between times. Waiting for the next program, pull out a Flop Ball. Too early for lunch, pull out a flop ball. Early arrivals and late pick ups, toss ‘em a Flop Ball. And with a bag of Flop Balls even more possibilities are available for individuals, partners, and groups. Flop Balls are easily transported in a pocket or backpack, and camp staff tell us they love its flexibility.

Camp Store

Flop Balls are a great way to promote your camp year-round! After campers fall in love with Flop Balls at your camp, they can take them home and share them with family and friends. A great way to get your camp name in front of your camper’s friend group and keep your camp top-of-mind and back-of-hand. Design your custom Flop Ball today.

“Our camp events are always improved when Paul & Dawn are here!  During our art, music and performance Teen weekend event, Flow Circus was an inspirational keynote speaker that focused on our theme of Go With the Flow (and embracing the flops) with their exciting, engaging and ice breaking activities with Flop Balls.  They shared with teens how to embrace  the flops, because it is a chance to get better with patience and practice.  They are also flexible with our needs and provided 2 session of Skill Toys for our teens and events.

Flow Circus Skill Toys have been incorporated in the teen leader program for many years at Camp Kiwanis.  We use this as an avenue for our teens to learn/practice leading groups, teaching skills and techniques, and practicing patience as they pass along their knowledge to our younger campers."

Carly Robinson, Director, Camp Kiwanis

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"Paul and Dawn of Flow Circus were the perfect start to our pre-season frontline camp staff training event. Through their interactive and engaging presentation, staff of varying levels of experience learned to embrace and grow from the inevitable "flops" that occur in a typical day at camp. Paul and Dawn incorporate fun and humor to teach staff important lessons of adaptability, resilience, and a growth mindset through playful learning with a flop ball. I highly recommend this dynamic duo!"

Kim Aycock, Coordinator of Camp 4U

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