The Upside of Dropping

We’ve all heard the phrase “dropping the ball” and assume a negative result. What if instead, it provided a roadmap to achieving success? We use juggling and other fun, challenging skills to provide tangible experiences that encourage teams to embrace drops, celebrate success, and find their flow. Get ready to drop, laugh, and learn.

Team Building

Team Building

Put learning into action. Attempt new skills and be awesome, together.

Interactive Keynotes


Interactive, inspiring, and entertaining. Audiences leave refreshed and energized.

Play Stations

Play Stations

Infuse energy and attract attention with short bursts of play and celebration.

Culture Building


Build a culture of learning that continues long after the initial visit.

Reviews Are In

“Fun. Engaging. Inspirational. Something for each participant to take with them. Our conference attendees left our closing keynote refreshed and smiling!” Conference Organizer

“I was glad to be able to accomplish something that I have never envisioned myself doing. It made me feel like if I set my mind to something I could do it.” Workshop Attendee

“What a fun, invigorating way to get to know a group of people. Team Building at its finest and most fun!” Workshop Attendee

“The event moved at a perfect pace, with moments of instruction, practice, and reflection. Our facilitators were also very enthusiastic and supportive which helped build the atmosphere of positivity and learning.” Workshop Attendee

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