Connection that Transcends Distance

Remote working and virtual event planning is increasingly becoming the norm as more and more groups are comprised of colleagues and peers from around the globe. And as we’ve learned from COVID-19, unexpected situations can force any team into a remote setting at a moment’s notice. Whether your event is remote by design or circumstance, it’s crucial to empower all participants with effective tools to develop group cohesiveness, maintain motivating energy, and disrupt social isolation.

Our remote sessions are helping organizations do just that. Ours isn’t your typical sit down and watch (while having 5 other screens open) webinar; it’s an out-of-your seat, interactive, and relevant experience. After all, work and professional conferences are social experiences, and they continue to be even through a computer screen. By engaging with Flop Balls, we create a playful space across physical distances, leading to increased trust, collaboration and communication.

Connecting Low and High Tech

Our primary tool for engaging audiences, the Flop Ball, purposefully provides a satisfying tactile and kinesthetic experience currently lacking in our eyes-glued-to-the-screen world. To get Flop Balls to participants prior to our virtual sessions, you can include them in your pre-event SWAG bags or we can take care of fulfillment for you. We have easy-to-use systems in place.

We may use unplugged tools for playful engagement, but when it comes to our on-site streaming studio, we are fully up to speed. Our professional lighting, multiple camera angles, clear sound and stable internet connection ensures that we are well received, both technically and experientially.

"At a time when telecommuting makes it challenging to stay connected to remote employees, we were pleased to have Dawn and Paul join us for our virtual staff meeting to get employees on their feet, learning a new skill and having fun together.  Our team of 70 enjoyed the break in their day and it served as a great, virtual team building activity!"

Jodi Darrohn, President, Open Desk

“Skill toys like flop balls can also bridge geographic divides through friendly competition. My teams build rapport across geographies by playing games together. We also use video conferencing to communicate: adding the visual aspect preserves non‐verbal language cues such as body language and facial expressions."

Aaron Charlwood, Director of Network Standards, Akamai Technologies

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