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"The quality of your thoughts and ideas can only be as good as the quality of your language" ~George Carlin

Flop Balls

Contact Manipuations

Spin & Rotation Direction


Counting Rotations

Back of Hand Positions

Relative Position of 2 or more Flops on Back of Hand

Stacking & Unstacking

Timing of Throws Using Two Hands & 2 or more Flops

Independent manipulation of synchronous throws

Path of Travel & Relevant Hand Positions

A Few Named Tricks

Flop Lines

2 Handed Grips

One Handed Grips



Switches: switching from one end of the line to the other

Loops (coming soon)

Mixed Props

Loops & Lines: mixed flop manipulations

*This naming convention works for me and I offer it up to the player community. I know it has flaws and is probably missing huge chunks of flow that is outside my experience or style. If you feel like you have something to contribute. Please, by all means, reach out to me.

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