Train Your Team to Lead

Specifically designed for college and corporate wellness ambassadors, classroom educators, camp and library professionals, our trainings enable facilitators to run programs that encourage curiosity, growth mindset, and whole person well-being within their organizations.

Virtual, half, and full day trainings focus on increasing comfort with the tools, understanding current research, and building a learning culture. By the end of the session, programmers will learn how to create a culture of success that motivates players to practice, fail, and try again – and ultimately become more resilient. 

Sessions can include skill toy kits, which can be customized with a logo or quote to sustain the training’s impact and create lasting change. Incorporate the tools as a focused part of meetings or make them available in common areas as a playful mental, physical, and social break. Instructional videos and support materials are also included for sustainment.

"Thank you again for such a great interactive session with our students. The whole session flowed so well and I could see over a short period of time how our students were resonating with the activities. The debrief was powerful - your small group questions helped them reflect on how their juggling experience connected to real life applications around their well-being and resilience.  Well done!  I wouldn't change anything."

Nance Lucas, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, George Mason University

"Flow Circus offers an energetic training that balances playfulness with deeper lessons of mindfulness and mental flexibility. Library staff came away with new tools, not only in how to engage with teens, but also ways to apply mindfulness techniques to their own professional development. By lessening the pressure on themselves, librarians can better serve their communities with the tips and tricks taught by Dawn and Paul."

Cathy Lancaster, Youth Services Coordinator, Library of Michigan

"Flow Circus is a great company to work with. Their training style is fun and interactive. They allow you to develop and identify your leadership style while building your confidence along the way. Their training style allow our participants to shift the way they reflect on themselves and the way they see the world."

Rachel E. Morris, MBA, Executive Director, Rolesville Chamber of Commerce