You don't have to run away and join the circus.

Bring juggling and skill toys to your organization instead. Encourage self-directed learning, growth mindset, and whole person well-being. Incorporate the tools as a focused part of meetings or make them available in common areas as a playful mental, physical, and social break. Either way, you don’t need to be an expert, but can learn alongside the group as you model goal setting and achievement. Perfect for tween/teen programs, college RA and LLC groups, as well as companies.


Half or full-day trainings focus on increasing comfort with the tools, understanding current brain and positive psychology research, and building a learning culture. Programmers may not be masters at the skill toys by the end of the session, but will learn how to create a culture of success that motivates players to practice, fail, and try again.

Skill Toy Kits

A carefully curated selection of skill toys from around the world includes flower sticks, kendama, yo yo, and more. Some require precision while others lend themselves to creative play. All can be used individually or in groups, on stage or for competition, and indoors or out. Perfect tools for hands-on and thumbs-free play.

Support Materials

Instructional videos and support materials created based on more than 10 years of running juggling and skill toy programs. The materials support programmers as they put training into practice and develop sustainable, dynamic learning for their organization.