Build community and improve well-being with Flop Balls.

We know you know how to play - you’re a Youth Services Librarian after all. But do your patrons? With social media, a testing culture, and navigating a post-pandemic world - stress, anxiety, and fear of failure are now the norm.

Check out this short video about how a book with the invitation to "start with a drop" influenced the invention of our Flop Balls.

Flop Ball Fun

Provide a space for trying something for the fun of it, messing up, and then trying again. Whether playing individually or engaging in group games, Flop Balls connect. It's a fun way to be vulnerable together - to really see each other. Flop balls are inclusive and adaptable to all ages and abilities.

Custom Flop Balls

Great for individual, partner, group, cooperative and competitive play. Get your next SRP giveaway that they’ll be excited to read for.

Flop Kits

Classroom Flop Ball Kit

Perfect size for an afterschool program. Includes a USB with activities and resources to get you started.

2023 Custom Pricing

100-249 Flop Balls......$3.50 ea.
250-499 Flop Balls......$3.25 ea.
500-999 Flop Balls......$3.15 ea.
1000+ Flop Balls.........$3.10 ea.
+ shipping ($20/150 balls)

Other ways to bring kinetic play to your library:

Staff Training

Get your whole team connecting by playing together. Whether welcoming new staff or replenishing seasoned staff, we can design an interactive workshop to meet your goals.

Skill Toy Kit

A whole tote filled with skill toys from around the world. We've hand selected the finest items to appeal to all kinds of play. Swing, flip, toss, and spin, the Flow Circus skill toy kit has it all.

" I just wanted to let you know that we got the Flop Balls and they are absolutely wonderful! So high quality and beautiful! They feel great! We can't wait to give them away for summer reading prizes!"

Jessica Koenig, Library Director, Island Park Public Library

Flop Balls are the BEST!! They help to build confidence in children and in adults. They are great conversation starters. And, the best thing is that flopballs are SUPER FUN to just relax and toss around!!

Kim Deal, Family Services Director, J. Fred Corriher Jr. YMCA

“I brought skill toys out with me to school family nights at the end of spring. Not only did they serve as a great ice breaker to get kids to approach my booth, but they were a fantastic way to open up dialogue about reading. Reading takes practice and dedication just like the skill toys do. You have to accept that drops happen, but eventually you'll be able to progress to books with more complicated vocabulary and plots. Bringing skill toys to school family nights also opened up conversations about reading interests. Some kids gravitated to plate spinning while others loved flower sticks just as some of us may prefer fantasy over realistic fiction. and that's okay!

During summer, we brought out our skill toys at multiple programs and enjoyed seeing kids grow more confident with them. They especially worked well with our programs catered to summer camps and encouraged teamwork and supporting your teammates. Thanks!”

Emily Winfrey, Supervisor Children's Services, Gaston County Public Library, North Carolina