YMCA of Rowan County Staff Day

This past weekend we participated in the YMCA of Rowan County Camp Staff Day which brought together approximately 130 summer staff from several different camps in the area. The planning team for the event had decided to implement a mini-conference style day with all counselors being in attendance for some parts and then attending breakout sessions the counselors selected for themselves.

We kicked off the day with an interactive keynote for the whole group using the flop ball and our strategies for helping campers through the struggle that sometimes comes with learning something new. We then ran two break out sessions introducing skill toys such as the flower sticks seen in this image. The skill toys allowed the counselors to further practice getting comfortable with the messiness of learning new skills as well as get new programming ideas. 

As part of the camp staff day package, the camp received a skill toy kit that will provide both passive and active programs throughout the summer. We look forward to hearing what new ideas they come up with for using flop balls and other skill toys with campers.