Well-Being Without the Work

Life’s busy. We get that. So we put together a Flop Ball Wellness Pack. Each one of these 5 colorful Flop Balls has a gentle reminder of a simple action that you can take to feel better. The best part - your body already knows how to do it. Time to get out of your own way and let yourself enjoy the benefits of them again.

The pack comes with a postcard that provides suggestions of how to get started. Pick a different Flop Ball for each day of the work week - Monday, I breathe and Tuesday, I stretch. Or maybe you decide to focus on breathing for the whole week to really reinforce that practice. It’s up to you.

The point is to have fun as you reconnect with your body in a playful way. And bring awareness to the need to breathe, stretch, laugh, play, connect, & flop. Only a limited number are available, so start playing with your wellness pack here.