USO-NC Partnership Continues to Grow

Our partnership with the USO-NC began five years ago with the creation of the Warrior and Family Reset programs. Executive Director Kelli Willoughby first began the program and brought together a team of engaging service providers that cover a range of topics over two days. 

Whether focusing on fitness, nutrition, financial well-being, drumming, or in our case reframing failure with flop balls, the focus of all of our sessions is building more resilient military families. Since Kelli moved into the Director role this past year, the Reset programs have continued to grow under the leadership of Heather Rossi, Program Operations Manager.

This year has forced the USO-NC team to get creative due to the pandemic. This past month we conducted our first virtual Warrior Reset session and have another one coming up soon. They also created a new family program funded by an NC Arts Council grant. Sets of flop balls  were distributed to families prior to our virtual session and so we could engage them in play for all ages. It’s often hard to find an activity for the little ones and tweens/teens, but flop balls do just that. And families  can keep flopping long after the session no matter where they get stationed.

We look forward to continuing to partner with the USO-NC on the Reset Programs and developing new programs for military families as needs continue to arise.  We are honored to support them in their work being the force behind the forces.