Upward Bound and Ready to Flop

The first in her family to go to college, I watched my freshman year roommate struggle every time she had to register for classes, deal with financial aid forms, and other college details. Things that I could get help from my parents or my older brothers. Or things that I kind of already knew because I had heard their stories.

Remembering this, we were excited to visit Southern Regional Technical College in Thomasville, Georgia to facilitate a leadership workshop for high school students in the Upward Bound program which supports first generation college bound students. A year-round program, they meet on-campus for six weeks during the summer for a mix of academics, life skills, college visits, and special guests like us. 

One of the school counselors that works with the students first learned about us and Flop Balls last summer at the American School Counselor Association Conference. She knew our Flop-osophy woven with practicing Flop skills would be a perfect fit for the goals of the Upward Bound program. 

We encouraged students to practice strategies for incorporating failure into the learning process. Resulting in more empowered students willing to try new things with less fear and to ask for help when needed.