UnFloppable Teachers: A Flow Circus Online Course

Teachers - do you come home from work feeling exhausted? Are you looking for new ways to build resilience as you face the uncertainty of the upcoming year? Could you use more tools for thriving in the messiness of learning, growth, and change that you’re immersed in all of the time?

We can help you become UnFloppable! During the month of July, we’re offering a course specifically for teachers that runs over 4 sessions (1 hour each). Each participant will get 2 Flop Balls, be introduced to basic tricks, learn our Flop-osophy strategies for reframing stress, and reflect on their own well-being practices. We will limit each group to 15 teachers so it will also be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues from other schools through play.

Now, we know that after months of distance learning with your students and countless staff meetings, you’re probably all zoomed out at this point. But Flop Balls will make this experience different. During each session with us, you will be out of your seat and moving a few times. You’ll also have time to reflect and share with each other. This will not be a passive, muted, camera off experience. 

What’s a Flop ball? They are flat, round hand sacks that we toss and catch on the back of our hands. This adjustment creates a unique play experience that is simple enough to enjoy right away, but challenging enough to keep players coming back. Our Flop-osophy provides guidance as we work through the frustration of failing, tips to enjoy the process, and moves us away from the curse of perfectionism. The focus for the course will be your well-being, but we’ll also reflect on how these strategies can benefit your students.

We’ve been using Flop Balls to conduct professional development workshops for schools for years, and decided to add this new option that teachers could sign up for themselves or parents could gift to teachers at the end of the year because not all administrators have the time or money to make well-being a priority. But you need and deserve it. Not to mention, lots of young eyes are watching and learning from how you manage these uncertain times.

Join us to fill your toolkit with new tricks and strategies for improving your well-being and creating a climate of resilience for yourself and your students. Classes begin on July 7th. Sign up at FlowCircus.com/online (click on "view product" under UnFloppable Teachers) or contact dawn@flowcircus.com with questions.