The Power of Play at a Virtual Conference

For a second year, we proudly sponsored the National Inclusion Project’s Power of Play Conference. Founded in 2003, by Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel, NIP operates on the three core beliefs that every child can participate, every child can make a friend, and every child can succeed. The inclusion of children with disabilities is the expectation, not the exception. 

Attendees gathered virtually this year, but that didn’t stop us from embracing the name of the conference and putting the power of play into practice. For our part, conference organizers distributed flop balls to participants prior to the event and we led a lunchtime session to provide opportunity for informal connection between participants.

We also wanted to give attendees time to focus on their own well-being. For the last 7 months, they have been under a lot of stress adapting and creating new ways to provide inclusive programming for the children they serve during a pandemic. It’s easy to lose sight of themselves in that whirlwind. As play researcher Dr. Stuart Brown said in the recently released documentary Playing for Keeps: The Upside of Downtime, “The human being is designed to play through a lifetime, but that is not something that's part of our public consciousness.” 

We’re happy to use flop balls to remind people. In this image, you see us and a few of the participants playing a game of Franken-Flop. A fun progressive game in which we each add a flop move and a sound effect to create a collaborative routine. It’s fun, maybe a little silly, and definitely involves a lot of laughter. Just what’s needed after sitting in conference sessions all morning.

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