The Light Within

What's currently blocking your light from shining?

A few days before Christmas and sparkly lights fill homes and neighborhoods in anticipation of celebrations to come. Cars slowly move through streets oohing and aahing over the displays that took hours and hours to assemble. I love light shows as much as anyone, but wonder what the world would be like if we gave that same attention to our own inner light.

Maya Angelou inspires us with her words (which is why I've already used three quotes by her in images this year), but this line neglects to mention the work needed to uncover and continually fueling our own fire. Just like the dust and cobwebs and crud have gathered on this lantern, external pressures and our own internal critic can often dim our glow.

But imagine if each of us could act from a place of creativity, love, and purpose allowing our talents and abilities to help enlighten and inspire growth. What changes do we want to make in the upcoming year to help strengthen our glow? Who can we surround ourselves with to help cultivate it?

We could use more of that in our world today.