Teachers → Learners When Flop Balls Come Out

Teachers face a lot of pressure as students and parents look to them to have the answers - and this past year produced a lot of questions. We helped the staff at Davis Drive Elementary School in Raleigh, NC kick-off the school year this week by creating space for them to be learners again.

As we introduced the team to Flop Ball challenges, we wove in our Flop-osophy strategies in order to increase their comfort with the messy part of the learning process. Teachers learning and willing to mess up alongside students can lead to thoughtful SEL conversations and lower stress. And if they share with colleagues a project that didn’t go as planned or a student interaction that they wished they handled differently, it strengthens team trust and improves future collaboration. 

The DDE staff got it. They have been through some staff changes this past year and were ready for this opportunity to connect in a new way. They were receptive to the new mindfulness strategies, shared thoughtful reflections, and enjoyed flopping with each other. I think Flop Circles may become a regular part of their staff meetings this year.

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