Summer Camp Training Season

This year’s summer camp training season did not go as planned. But we adjusted. 

First up, we were scheduled to do a half day training including a keynote and break out sessions for a system-wide Y training. A day before we got a call about some last minute changes. We would now be leading a 1 hour virtual keynote. Some of the participants had Flop Balls - some didn’t. So we sent a DIY video and hoped everyone would have something to flop with by the next day.

Some people came on-screen individually, some in groups, and some we couldn’t see at all. Not our ideal situation - so as we taught the counselors about our Flop-osophy, we were putting it into practice ourselves! 

The following week, we had an in-person training for a combined Staff Day for several 4-H camps from around the state. A few days before the training, Dawn tested positive for Covid. Luckily, she was able to quarantine so that Paul stayed negative. But he then had to adapt our usual 2 person workshop and facilitate it himself. For 80 people.

He, of course, did it like a champ. And the workshop was seen as “the highlight of our entire training day!”

We’ve all learned to be ready for anything these past few years. And those skills and our Flop-osophy strategies continue to help us.

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