Shifting Perspectives on Stress

In November, we partnered with NC State's Institute for Advanced Analytics which offers a year long graduate level program for high performing students. As the intensity and stress of the program increased, we introduced them to mindful strategies for reframing stress and engaging in the learning process in a new way. The group may have initially wondered why the program organizers chose to "waste their time" with a silly activity, but they quickly embraced the flop ball exercises and understood the value of pausing to reflect on process.

A few participant takeaways:

“Don't be afraid to ask teammates for help when you need it. Be focused on challenges and forget about the stress.”

“I need to be more compassionate to myself and switch up the variables.”

“I can reframe stresses into challenges and probably accomplish a lot more, and have fun while doing so!”

We were also thrilled to hear that flop learning continued after our workshop:

“FLOP balls have been sighted in the classrooms and conference rooms! Students who missed the session have come to claim their FLOP balls. And my first pass through the reflections revealed some deep learning took place. Thank you for delivering a great program." Sarah Egan Warren, Technical Communication Specialist, Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State

Looking forward to continuing this partnership in 2019.