School Counselors Love to Flop

“This was our favorite thing at the conference.” and “I need these for my students.” and “My colleague told me I HAD to come check this out.” were just a few of the comments we heard at our booth last week at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national conference in Las Vegas. 

We introduced counselors from across the country to Flop Balls as a tool for adding a kinesthetic component to their SEL and mindfulness programs and it resonated. Learning a new skill with the success and frustration it brings allows students to practice naming emotions, applying regulation strategies, and having conversations about failure. And with a Flop Ball, it’s not scary or overwhelming.

The soothing feel and weight also makes it work in other school settings such as sharing circles, morning meetings, or anxiety groups. Counselors and teachers also use it for cool down spaces. And we heard other ideas being brainstormed at our booth because educators are a creative group! We can’t wait for these future partnerships.

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