Remote Team Gets Flopping

Last month we received a call from Jodi Darrohn, President of Open Desk. She needed a tool to reward and energize her 70 employees who were adjusting to a sudden shift to working remotely. She crafted a message of appreciation to her team, provided us with a mailing list, and we did the rest. 

A set of Flop Balls and a starter Flop Deck was sent out to each employee and they were encouraged to take mental and physical breaks from their computer based work. Team members began exploring their new gift, practicing skills, and playing with family and friends. Darrohn soon started receiving emails expressing excitement and anticipation for the next group video call because they knew that the creators of the Flop Ball would be joining them.

Their next virtual staff meeting began with a 10-minute energizer that demonstrated basic Flop Ball play, introduced some direction for skills development, and concluded with a clapping contest.

Darrohn had this to say about the experience:   

"At a time when telecommuting makes it challenging to stay connected to remote employees, we were pleased to have Dawn and Paul join us for our virtual staff meeting to get employees on their feet, learning a new skill and having fun together. Our team of 70 enjoyed the break in their day and it served as a great, virtual team building activity!"

Flow Circus can provide organizations of any size with custom Flop Ball care packages and virtual programs that engage and energize while promoting well-being.