Reify Spotlight Series: Dawn Daria

Reify Media features Dawn Daria and other women in tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership in their Spotlight Series. Creators Sarah Glova and Sarah Egan Warren ask questions that don’t have quick and easy answers. They curate these more human questions along with fun photos (no professional headshots required or encouraged) to create a space for women to tell a fuller, more dynamic story of themselves. See Dawn’s spotlight here.

Dawn met Sarah Glova, founder of Reify, 10 years ago at a workshop in Raleigh, NC. Reify, Sarah explained, means to take the abstract and make it real. The concept resonated with Dawn. She had spent years teaching juggling and other skill toys helping people embody abstract ideas such as mindfulness and resilience. And now there was a word for it. Reify.\

Dawn met Sarah Egan Warren, Technical Communication Specialist at NC State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics, through Sarah Glova. Over coffee, they instantly connected over growth mindset and other learning theories. That initial connection has grown into collaborations including Flop Ball workshops for Sarah’s students.

We’ve enjoyed watching them grow professionally and creatively and Dawn’s honored to be included in this project. The two Sarah’s also have a twice a month newsletter that we recommend Reify 8&21.