Redefining Team Building and Virtual Programs

Prior to the spread of Covid 19, an essential element to our workshops and keynotes has been the energy created in the room when a group of people play together. People relax, barriers come down, and everyone becomes more open to connecting with each other as well as embodying our message. 

Last month, when the postponements for in-person events started coming in and the stay-at-home orders were issued, we wondered how we could help teams now working remotely. Is there a way to take what we have done in our workshops and deliver it virtually? We’re excited to announce that we can now deliver a variety of options:

Virtual Team Building for Remote Workers: This isn’t your typical sit-down and watch webinar. We send out flop balls to participants prior to the session so that they can be out of their seats and playing in windows alongside each other on the computer screen. We leave the team with ideas on how to continue using the flop balls in upcoming meetings to strengthen connections and playfully challenge each other in order to combat social isolation. 

Virtual Trainings: We’ve adapted our flop ball training for libraries, schools, and colleges so it can now be delivered virtually. 

Customized Video Content: We’ve partnered with the USO-NC and several educational organizations to provide family friendly video content to engage their audiences in skill based play with items they can find in their homes. 

It’s been fun reimagining and adapting to these new programming needs. The energy of play does have the power to transfer over the virtual space and that’s exactly what we all need right now.

Contact if you’re interested in learning more about any of these options for your organization.