Recent Podcast Appearance: Priming Your Audience with Play

Jim Cermak, host of the podcast Trade Show U, invited us back onto his podcast to talk to his audience of trade show, conference, and event planners about using play to create powerful, memorable experiences for attendees. We use Flop Balls to energize audiences between speakers, draw and capture attention at a booth, and bring attendees back again and again with on-going contests. In each case, we’ve seen the power of play refresh attendees and create an audience ready to learn.

In our conversation with Jim, we share why play is important, why it works for a variety of audiences, why facilitators need to model vulnerability, and why it’s critical to integrate the play experience with your message. You can listen to the episode here

The Trade Show U podcast has been producing weekly episodes for over 2 years and provides an incredible resource for anyone in the trade show and event industry. From rebroadcasting a panel of event industry leaders on Global Meetings Industry Day to sharing the latest on hybrid events to providing tips on how to get the most from your in-person booth, it lives up to it’s goal of helping listeners to stay informed and get better results. 

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