Read & Flop Together

Flop balls have been in libraries and classrooms for a few years now and we’ve heard of connections being made between reading and flopping in several creative ways:

* A librarian explained to a struggling reader that reading is a skill like learning the flop ball. It takes practice and you don’t always get it on the first try.

* A teacher read “Caps for Sale” with her class and then had students balance stacks of flop balls on their heads and walk around the classroom. They challenged each other to see who could have the biggest stack of “hats.”

* A librarian drew a connection between how flop players may be drawn to different styles of play/tricks just like different readers are drawn to different genres. It’s good to try different things, but okay to have your favorites.

* A teacher read “A Beautiful Oops” with her class and then had them practice flop balls skills focusing on the flop-osophy strategy of “Observe, Don’t Judge.”

To celebrate and further forge the connection, we’ve created this special limited edition flop ball. We’re hoping to encourage people to Read & Flop Across America this year. And we’re looking for librarians and teachers that want to help us. Here’s how:

1. Complete this form by February 10.

2. We’ll randomly pick 10 submissions on February 12.

3. We mail 2 special edition Read flop balls to each person on February 13.

4. You create Read & Flop themed videos with your new flop balls February 22-March 1.

5. Post your videos on March 2 to celebrate Read Across America Day.

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