Providing Replenishment for Those That Give

These past two years weighed heavily on everyone and especially on hospice workers. Paul recently had the opportunity to lighten the spirits of the employees of Richmond County Hospice in North Carolina by engaging them in play. 

Brought in as a motivational speaker, he wanted to do more. He knew it was their first team meeting in over 2 years so creating connections would be important. And just telling them that their well-being matters might not result in change. 

So he took a different approach. They played with a Flop Ball, reflected on how they felt, and learned about the benefits of play for physical well-being. In another part, they passed Flop Balls with a colleague and Paul connected it to benefits of play for social well-being. Similarly, Paul related exercises with the Flop Ball to intellectual and emotional well-being. 

They laughed, played, (gave a standing ovation), and likely went home motivated to build a play practice into their daily routines to sustain themselves through the intense work they do.

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