Providing a Bridge Between Silos

Last month, we conducted a workshop for the mortgage team at North State Bank at the end of a record setting sales month. Asking a high performing, driven team to take two hours away from their work is a big ask. That precious time could be spent generating new leads and closing deals. But their leader knew that the sales team needed to slow down for a moment and celebrate their successes. More importantly, she wanted them to come together to connect with each other and the operations team members that played an essential role in their achievement. She wanted to bridge a divide that had been forming between the two groups.

People that bring us into corporate groups like this are sometimes concerned about whether we'll be able to win over the group, but we know that after the first session with the flop ball we have their attention. This group was no different. They engaged, dropped, laughed, high-fived, and had the chance to see each other in new ways. As with all of our programs, we began with individual skill development and then moved into partner and group challenges in order to provide opportunities for them to practice active mindfulness and more effectively work in teams.

"Understanding what motivates your operations staff and your sales teams is critical to a company's success. Typically, it is difficult to cater to both groups with one approach. Flow Circus not only engaged our entire mortgage team with fun activities, but they incorporated a message with which both sales and operations could relate. If you are looking for a meaningful way to connect your teams, look no further. The energy and message shared by Flow Circus is unparalleled. I have received nothing but great comments from the entire team. Laughing together helped to unify our team in a stressful and busy time." Shannon Reaves, Chief Mortgage Officer