Oceans of Possibilities with Flop Balls

Are you bored with the same old Summer Reading Program prizes and giveaways? Are you looking for something to help you grab attention when you do school visits and community outreach to promote SRP and other library programs? 

Flop Balls can help! These soft, suede sand-filled round sacks may be small in size (3 inches in diameter), but they get attention because players toss and catch them on the back of the hand. They provide a rich array of individual, partner, and group activities so you can use them for programming and prizes. 

The best part - you don’t have to be an expert at it to run these programs. It’s called Flop Ball for a reason! We have instructional videos on-line and provide you with a games guide to get you started. Watch this quick video to learn more about the Oceans of Possibilities for Flop Balls at your library.

As you can see, you can design them with your choice of colors and logo. Flop Balls take approximately 6-8 weeks for production. Complete this form to get your order started so they arrive in time for spring promotional activities.