New Partnership with HQ Raleigh

This fall, we're excited to announce a new partnership with HQ Raleigh. HQ fosters inclusive communities of entrepreneurs through shared workspace creating lasting economic and social impact in the world. We knew about their impact from the outside - they renovated a space in the warehouse district of Raleigh in 2012 which helped to spur a revitalization of that neighborhood and have since opened 3 other locations around Raleigh. We've since learned about the impact they've had start ups in our community and more importantly on supporting good business practices by staying aligned with their B Corp values.

It didn't take long for us to deliberate on the decision to partner with them. We kicked it all off by introducing member companies to the flop ball during a Resource Fair held during a social hour event they held. Our themes of reframing failure, mindfulness, and taking mental/physical breaks from your computer definitely resonated with the start-up audience. We're hoping that the flop balls that we sent them home with have been getting used at HQ in past week or so since.

This past week, we shifted our focus to the HQ staff. The small team of about 8-10 people provide support for 800 members in a variety of forms. They took a day to focus on strategic planning for the 4th quarter and the opening of their fourth location. We kicked in off by providing them with strategies for approaching the planning mindfully and wove in flop ball challenges to practice each one in a fun way.

As HQ Director, Jessica Porta, described it "Our team used Flow Circus for a team retreat to help us connect on common goals and work on our communication skills. Through teaching us a new skill, we were able to learn more about ourselves and how we work independently and together. Learning a new skill, especially something that requires coordination, really levels the playing field with teams and puts everyone in a more vulnerable place where everyone has to listen, respect the learning process, and learn from each other. The Flow Circus facilitators then use skill-building as a way to get us all into a growth mindset, where failure is anticipated and supported. Ultimately this exercise helped us prepare for a significant strategy meeting for the end of the year and we would highly recommend them to any team who is looking to realign on their goals or re-connect as a team."

We're looking forward to the year ahead and how this partnership continues to grow.