New Flop Ball Logo

If you've attended one of our keynotes, workshops, or trainings in the past year, you've flopped. And that's a good thing. During our interactive sessions, we like to get people up and moving, but juggling balls proved problematic. When dropped (which happens to all of us) they roll away and into the next row of people. We started using a flat bean bag instead because it just flops in place.

It's not a new skill toy - many skill toys when most have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. What is new is calling it a Flop Ball. The name describes what it does, and the fact that it's a tool to help redefine failure.

When you hear the word flop you might think of a movie or Broadway play that didn't bring in the expected revenue. Instead, we want to make flopping a playful part of the learning process. By paying attention to what's happening and making adjustments, we can grow and have fun.

We love the new logo created by KLP Designs and wanted to share it with you. The design and font capture the playfulness while showing how the flop ball works.