NCLA Conference Planners Unwind

Anyone that's been involved in planning a conference knows the amount of work that goes into managing logistics, people, and last minute glitches that inevitably arise. It can be stressful especially on the first day of the conference making sure all of those details fall into place. At the North Carolina Library Association Conference last week, we helped the leadership team relax and unwind the first night of the conference during the President's Dinner. As soon as the room of approximately 65 people started playing with the flop ball, the energy shifted in the room.

Below are a few comments from conference organizers:

  • “Flow Circus provided our conference attendees with an opportunity to have fun, reduce stress, and interact in an enjoyable, engaging way.  I was particularly pleased to see our hardworking Executive Board and Conference Planning Committee members smiling and relaxing at the end of the day!” Catherine Tingelstad, NCLA Conference Committee
  • "The team building results from engaging with Flow Circus proved to be more long lasting than studying a DISC profile, and a lot more fun!!" Michael Crumpton, NCLA Conference Chair

We love creating the space for people to pause and unwind. Especially when it's groups of people that volunteer their time to put together a conference to further professional growth for their peers. Congratulations to the NCLA Conference planning team for a great event.