Modular Sessions Enliven Multi-day Virtual Conferences

Last month, we delivered a virtual flop ball workshop in modules for a client to energize their multi-day meeting. Since then, we've talked to several other clients that have had a similar need. As conference planners move from in-person to virtual events, lining up speakers is easy. Recreating opportunities for physical and mental breaks and moments of connection that naturally happen in the hallways or over meals is significantly harder when we’re all sitting at our individual computers.

Now imagine a virtual conference in which attendees have received a flop ball branded with the conference colors and logo in the mail a few days prior to the event. On the morning of the first day, we kick your program off with an energetic introduction to basic flop ball tricks that breaks the ice and gets everyone moving. Sure, participants are still standing at their own computer, but they can see each other playing in the window next to them on the screen.

Along with the flop ball exercise, we introduce the first of our mindfulness strategies which centers on mindset. This creates a tone of openness to growth and learning that increases the impact of other speakers. At a few other points throughout the conference (after lunch is always a great time for an energy boost), we present other modules that include flop ball engagement and additional FLOP strategies for thriving in the messiness of learning, growth, and change.

We recently offered this modular approach for the Wake Ed Partnership Summer STEM week long training for teachers and here are some of the comments we heard:

"When we transitioned our professional development from face-to-face to all virtual, it was imperative that we embedded hands-on components to the week that kept our teachers focused on the topics of learning. Dawn and Paul do a tremendous job. Their time with our teachers complemented our SummerSTEM vision well." Paul R. Domenico, Director of Curriculum Enhancement Programs, Wake County Public School System

"The perfect brain break mixed in with inspiration to re-energize teachers between sessions." Jessica Vasallo, South Lakes Elementary

"They were fun and interactive. It was a great reminder and a good idea for keeping people active when working virtually.” Liz Harrod, Carroll Magnet Middle

"It relieved the stress in my shoulders by getting me to move. I was able to refocus after spending time with my Flop Ball and felt energized." Christi Vereckey, Scotts Ridge Elementary

Email if you’d like to schedule a meeting to talk about how this modular approach can complement your upcoming event.