Looking for Perfection

What's one area where you want to shift your focus from "being perfect" to perfecting a skill?

Perfectionism can be a curse. Anyone that suffers from it knows. It's the voice in your head that says “it's not ready yet" or "that wasn't good enough." It's definitely something I've wrestled with and one of the major stumbling blocks I had when trying to learn how to juggle. If I couldn't be good at it, why bother trying? I didn't want people to see me drop. And juggling doesn't let you hide your imperfections!

If we simply shift the emphasis from perfect as an adjective meaning "being without fault or defect" to perfect as a verb meaning "make as good as possible," then we take a lot of pressure off ourselves. Our attention can then be focused on the process and what we can learn from it. If we are patient and look closely at the “imperfections,” we may be able to catch sight of the lessons they can teach as well as the value they provide.

Just like in this image. We had spring snow showers after some trees had already started budding. An imperfection in the typical seasonal cycle, but yet just a hiccup in the process of this tree's growth.