Live & In Person Again

As people start to come back together safely again, we were excited to be a part of two recent, but very different events. The first was held outside for a small pharmaceutical company who’s team didn’t know each other well because they had all worked remotely for the past year. Flop Balls to the rescue! We picked up quickly on the competitive nature of the group and adjusted the activities to it. The laughter and cheering quickly followed.

Our contact shared with us that she had a colleague that came up to her after the event to say, “I was skeptical about this...but I had so much fun!”

The second event required us getting on a plane for the first time in over a year. A conference that had gotten postponed during 2020 finally happened. Smaller than originally planned, but still a few hundred people. Paul presented “Juggler’s Mindset” keynote followed by our “Active Mindfulness” Flop Ball breakout session. Most of the speakers and attendees were staying at the same hotel so that night, we brought out the Flop Balls for more informal flopping and juggling to continue the fun.

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