Letting Go of Perfect

“The middle is messy, but that’s also where the magic happens.”

These words written by author and researcher Dr. Brené Brown sound true and even inspiring. But believing and embracing them when things feel like they're going all wrong - another story. 

When the opportunity came to present at the NC Association for Independent Schools Women in Leadership “Gifts of Imperfection” Conference this spring, Dawn jumped at it. The theme had been inspired by one of Brown’s books. Among other things, Brown advocates for letting go of perfectionism and needing to be “always in control.”  

So why not practice by flopping? Dawn created a space for the teachers to learn a new skill so that they could practice letting go of what Brown calls “pleasing, performing, and perfecting.” Instead, we laughed, played, and cheered as we dropped Flop Balls together. 

Does perfectionism affect your teachers and students? Contact us to learn more about how our Flop Balls and Flop-osophy strategies can help your students and staff get more comfortable with the messy.