Learning Pods Get Flopping

As teachers and students have had to adapt to the new reality created by the pandemic, so have flop balls. Many educators are now teaching in smaller learning pods, but more than ever still need ways to provide brain breaks. To help, we now offer a Learning Pod Kit. It’s a smaller version of our Flop Ball Kit

It contains 18 flop balls so if you have a pod of 5-10 students everyone can have a few to challenge themselves. It comes with a deck of cards with tricks and games for self-guided learning. Teachers also get a number of resources to help you integrate the flop ball into your lessons. 

We know that the pandemic has forced everyone to redefine teaching and learning. Flop balls can be a great tool for taking mental and physical breaks from the screen learning. They also provide a great model of what intentional, mindful learning can look like. Our Flop-osophy which we include in the teacher resources guides students through the learning of flop balls, but can also help them in dealing with the uncertainty and upheaval going on all around them right now. 

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we can be ready to flop and grow.

Visit FlowCircus.com/kits to get started.