Leading with Play

Twenty local business people gathered for the first time during a leadership program conducted by the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce. After a morning session analyzing their DISC profiles, it was our turn. Time to get them out of their seats and embodying the day’s theme of self-awareness in an experiential way.

We introduced them to Flop Balls as a tool to get to know each other. They will be meeting once a month for the next nine months so laying a good foundation in the first session was a priority of the group leader. We also used the Flop Balls as a tool to reflect about themselves. How did they react as they experienced success and dropping? What did they notice when they were practicing the skills? What helped to lessen the pressure? Paying attention to these things as they play with the Flop Ball provides insights in other areas of personal and professional life.

“It was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a perfect way for them to meet each other. Lots of laughter and a little competitiveness, too! Flop-osophy was a great way to pull it all together.” Ann Welton, President, Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce

Of course, we also like to remind people to play for their well-being. So we sent them home with Flop Balls to keep taking play breaks. I saw one of the participants a few days later who shared with me that he and his wife have been taking flop breaks as they work from home together. Yay! The more they do that for themselves, the better able they will be to lead and create an environment of well-being for the people they support.