Leadership in Action

Leadership has been and will continue to be the subject of books, discussions, and workshops. A variety of theories exist - just do a search for "qualities of a strong leader" and you'll get plenty of new reading material. The core belief for our programs centers on the importance of building self-awareness and empathy by continually stepping outside one's comfort zone. Leader = learner.

This fall, we had the opportunity to work with two local teen leadership programs - one offered by the Wake Forest area Chamber of Commerce and the other by the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce. Both programs "aim to develop a group of informed, committed and competent youth motivated to learn more about our community, to assume leadership roles in our schools, and to become more involved in our civic, cultural, economic development, and philanthropic organizations and groups."

In both cases, we kicked off their programs with flop ball exercises to challenge them individually and in teams. Debriefing about the experience allowed them to gain new insights about themselves and their fellow future leaders. We look forward to working with both organizations and future classes of these programs.

"Flow Circus is a great company to work with. Their training style is fun and interactive. They allow you to develop and identify your leadership style while building your confidence along the way. Their training style allow our students to shift the way they reflect on themselves and the way they see the world."

Rachel Morris, Executive Director, Rolesville Chamber of Commerce