Before playing with the Flop Ball, I learned to juggle. And it wasn’t pretty. Any time I started to get frustrated, I would put the juggling balls down. I preferred to neatly watch from the sidelines than feel awkward and messy as I literally dropped the ball.

Then one day, I watched someone else learning. She dropped...and laughed. She dropped again and laughed more. Confused at first, I eventually got curious and picked up a few juggling balls and tried it myself. Laughing when I dropped shifted everything for me. 

It gave me permission to have fun with the process - and not to put pressure on myself about the end “perfect” result. That day, I juggled for the first time.

Try learning a new skill with your Flop Balls. Maybe it’s a new flip like the front flip or the in flip. Watch a video on-line and then try it yourself. Know ahead of time that you’re going to drop and be read to laugh. Try on the mindset that it’s just part of the fun. 

How does that shift the experience for you? What can you pay attention to now that maybe you wouldn’t have noticed before?

You may not be able to do this in all learning/working situations, but where could this help lessen the pressure for you?