Kicking-off a Staff Retreat

Earlier this week, the team at Capital Area Workforce Development kicked-off their annual two day staff retreat by flopping - with flop balls, of course. We introduced them to basic moves and then let them get creative with individual tricks and partner passing. We suggested that pairs work up to passing two at a time, but one team really stepped it up trying to pass four flop balls in their pattern! As you can see in this image, the team circled up ready to receive while also offering support and cheer leading as they worked toward their goal.

The half-day workshop also involved conversations around mindful learning and enjoying the process while working toward achieving individual and team goals. Skill toys such as spinning plates and kendama helped to reinforce these ideas. The spinning plate challenge at the end is always a fun way to see how groups can strategize and innovate together.

"Flow Circus was a unique and entertaining experience for our team! The small group work resulted in good, friendly competition and lots of laughter." Brenda Wilkerson, Communications Manager, Capital Area Workforce Development