Introducing "Energizing Events"

Ever attend a day-long meeting or multi-day conference and leave feeling totally depleted? Everything you learned and discussed a blur because you have no energy left to process it. Conference fatigue is real. We’ve experienced it, too.

We have solutions. And to better serve event planners and their corporate clients, we’ve created a new website: 

Here we offer the same experiential programs you’ve come to know and love from Flow Circus - just customized for conferences and meetings. In addition to our keynotes and workshops, we have energy boosts which are shorter sessions to get people moving and connecting with colleagues. It refreshes and primes them for their next session. 

We also have customizable Flop Balls and other skill toys so people can take home a positive memory from the event and share it with their colleagues and friends. The healthy habit of taking energy breaks will have a lasting impact long after the event.

Take a look at the new site and share it with event planners you know.