International Women’s Leadership Conference Energized with Play

When participants in GKN Automotive Women’s Leadership Conference returned for their second day, they didn’t expect to begin by flopping - but that’s exactly what we did! 

Fifty women from across North, Central, and South America virtually attended a series of workshops to build skills and advance their careers within the company. The organizers wanted to start this day with fresh energy and a new way of connecting. For many of the attendees, the event began in the afternoon so they also wanted a way to reorient this group - clear out the stress of their morning.

GKN Automotive branded Flop Balls were shipped prior to the event and at the designated time with cameras on, we practiced new skills. As they stood in their individual spaces to play, they dropped, had successes, challenged themselves with new levels of difficulty, and most importantly, they laughed. 

We had them reflect on how it felt physically and what they noticed as they struggled. Taking time to reflect fosters well-being and self-awareness - important to their leadership journey. The session culminated in a group clapping contest to end with a fun competitive element. 

And we did this all in thirty minutes. Learn more about our virtual or in-person energy boost sessions at