Inspiring Future Leaders

We recently had the opportunity to partner with Lead Yourself Youth, an organization founded by CEO and leadership consultant, Andrea Bordenca. Seeing the effectiveness of her somatic coaching work with her growing team at DescoMed, Andrea saw a need for these same services and skills among the teens in her community. LYY offers programs to help youth integrate emotional literacy, teamwork, and somatic/body awareness into conversations about stress and the ups & downs of learning to learn, both in school & in life.

One of her initial offerings has been a Mentorship Training in which she empowered teens to take a leadership role in offering skill-based workshops based on their own interests such as sewing and juggling. Jesse, the teen juggling instructor, got initial lessons and follow up coaching from us as he worked through the challenges of leading a diverse group of learners. He should be very proud of inspiring his group of middle school students to try juggling, put time into practicing even when it got messy, and celebrate the success that they experienced. One of the middle school students had so much fun he shared a new trick that he had figured out with Jesse on the last day.

Congrats to Andrea & Jesse for the impact that they're making in their community.