Fun Packed 15

How much fun can you pack into fifteen minutes? We set out to answer that question last week during the January virtual meeting of the Eastern NC Camp Breakfast Club. This group of camp professionals meets monthly to network, share in-person ideas, and support each other’s camping related efforts. Last week they asked us to start off their morning session with an activity to get everyone up and moving. No problem. 

In that short window of time, we all experienced creative movement with a new object, demonstration and practice of a new skill, a collaborative synchronized activity, a competitive challenge, and a few moments of self-reflection. When asked how they felt at the end of those fifteen minutes, we heard a resounding “energized.”

Seems hard to imagine all of that in such a short amount of time? Flop Balls make it easy. Participants were excited to get started right at the beginning of the meeting because they had received their Flop Ball in the mail the week before the meeting. We were able to move quickly into activities without a lot of set up or explanation because Flop Balls are an accessible and approachable toy. And they provide for a variety of styles of play - collaborative and competitive, individual and group (when we’re in person), flowy and fast - creating a wide palette from which to develop dynamic, action-packed sessions.

Learn more about our energizers here.