Flopping with the Unplug Collaborative

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the Unplug Collaborative which is the non-profit behind the National Day of Unplugging. When we first learned about this awareness campaign promoting a 24 hour respite from technology that encourages people to put their phone down and better connect with each other and the physical world around them, we wanted to get involved. Although it’s challenging to unplug even for 24 hours, we’ve seen the benefits of unplugged play for individuals and groups doing our programs for years.

In addition to providing suggestions for over fifty unplugged activities you can do on the  National Day of Unplugging including a fort building contest, the Unplug Collaborative partnered with Little Free Libraries across North America to create Scavenger Hunts for families to engage in socially distanced, fun, unplugged activities in their community. Families looked for a clue taped to the Little Free Library at each stop and sometimes found other surprises along the way. 

In San Diego and Staten Island, they found Flop Balls at one of their stops. They learned how to play and were able to take them home to use as new unplugged family activity. We traveled to Staten Island to be on site and heard excitement from families first hand about using it for breaks from remote work and school. Flop Balls level the playing field and it’s always fun to watch parents and kids learning (with both the struggle and celebration) together. 

We’re looking forward to future collaborations with Unplug Collaborative as they continue to grow their organization and increase their positive impact.