Flopping with Camp Staff

The summer camp season has begun and close to 50 camps will be introducing staff and campers to flop balls this year. We had the opportunity to present at several camp conferences this winter and attendees brainstormed lots of ways to incorporate flop balls into camp culture. Camps will be using them for staff training exercises, specialty programs, cabin activities, gap programming, as well as selling flops with customized with their logo in the camp store.

We had the opportunity to introduce over 200 counselors to flop balls through our keynote and breakout sessions at Camp 4U - an all day training for camps from around the Southeast. Later this month, we'll be participating in a number of other staff training events at camps along the East Coast all the way from Alabama to Pennsylvania. In our sessions, we encourage active mindfulness to help counselors model a growth mindset, coach campers through learning new skills, and strengthen camp culture. We do this while modeling a number of different ways to play with flop balls and use them to engage campers in new ways. We give them enough to get them started and can't wait to see what new games and tricks they create.

Thanks to Kim Aycock, Coordinator of Camp 4U, for sharing her thoughts about our keynote and breakout session: "Paul and Dawn of Flow Circus were the perfect start to our pre-season frontline camp staff training event. Through their interactive and engaging presentation, staff of varying levels of experience learned to embrace and grow from the inevitable "flops" that occur in a typical day at camp. Paul and Dawn incorporate fun and humor to teach staff important lessons of adaptability, resilience, and a growth mindset through playful learning with a flop ball. I highly recommend this dynamic duo!"

To learn more about bringing flop balls to your camp, email paul@flowcircus.com